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Willstown is a township located Chester County, PA. The population is around 10,497 residents as of the 2010 census. It was originally settled by Lenni Lenape Native Americans. Willistown Township was a part of the 50,000 acres Welsh Tract that was surveyed by William Penn. The first reference Willistown was in 1681 on the Holmes map, where it was called Williston. In 1704, Willistown was formed as a township. There is a monument that is memorializing the Native American reservation that is located in Willistown.

Willistown homeowners’ electrical demands are always growing larger, which means more lights, fans, appliances and other electrical additions. When the time comes to wire in a new lighting installation or install a fan box, you can count on us to handle the job. Our techs are careful and considerate of your Willistown home, and always take the time to do the job right. We’ll make sure new installations don’t strain your circuit, and that they’re properly ground.

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Electrical work in Willistown requires the expertise of a well-trained electrician. If your Willistown home is in need of any sort of electrical work, our master electricians will gladly be willing to lend a hand. Our electricians have years of experience repairing broken electrical components and installing new appliances, lighting, home theater equipment and other systems. Willistown residents call us with confidence when they need an electrician because they know they’re getting work that’s done right. We’re able to track down any problems and untangle even the most complex circuits to ensure we’re providing reliable electrical work to your Willistown home. Best of all, our one-year warranty will give you peace of mind in our work long after we’ve left.

Whether there’s an electrical problem lurking in your Willistown home’s circuits or you need appliance or lighting installation, call the experts at Van Fleet Services today to get it handled right away!

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