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West Chester, PA Hot Water Heater Installation Services
Water Heater Replacement in West Chester, PA

Choosing a Hot Water Heater for Your West Chester Home

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a new hot water heater in West Chester are:

  • What capacity will work best for your household. Between 30 to 100 gallons of water can be stored in a hot water tank. The amount of hot water a family may use in an average hour should be taken into account when determining the right size for your home’s hot water tank
  • The type of fuel or energy source used by the water heater. For homes around West Chester, most traditional hot water tanks are powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas.
  • The energy efficiency of the water heater. The amount of energy a tank hot water heater uses can rapidly add up. With this in mind, it may be worth considering a model that’s more costly but also more energy efficient. While the initial cost is higher, you will save a substantial amount of money on your energy bills over time. All current models of hot water tanks fulfill the new Federal efficiency standards.
  • What model of hot water heater you’re looking for. Since there are so many different types of hot water heaters and storage tanks on the market today, everyone can choose the right one for their needs. Many modern tanks include anti-scale devices which prevent mineral buildup and some are even lined with glass to prevent corrosion in the tank.

Replacing Water Heaters for Homeowners in West Chester

On a daily basis, a majority of West Chester residents depend on having access to hot water. As a matter of fact, a hot water heater accounts for around 20% of the average household’s energy use. It’s worth noting that if your current hot water heater is more than 10 years old or has started to lose efficiency, it’s likely time for it to be replaced. Given the important function a hot water tank or tankless water heater has and the amount of money that gets invested into it, choosing a new hot water heater for your home can be a daunting task. Fortunately, if you need help choosing a water heater that is most suitable for your West Chester home, Van Fleet Services is here for you!

Don’t wait until your existing hot water heater breaks down before reaching out to the professionals. Call our experts at Van Fleet Services today and schedule an appointment!

West Chester, PA Hot Water Heater Replacement

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Water Heater Repair Company in West Chester, PA

West Chester, PA Water Heater Repair Services

Not getting enough hot water in your West Chester home? Van Fleet Services provides expert water heater replacement, and repair services to countless homes and businesses around West Chester, PA.

The borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania, is the county seat of Chester County. As of the 2020 census, a total of about 20,033 people reside within the borough. In the heart of West Chester is a well-known courthouse designed by one of the architects behind the Capitol Building in Washington, Thomas Walter. Historically, West Chester was known for its production of clocks, wagons, and by the 20th century: cars and personal computers.

If you live in West Chester and are in need of an expert to handle replacing your hot water heater, then give Van Fleet Services a call today!

Installing Tankless Water Heaters in West Chester Homes

Unlike a tank hot water heater, which heats water in a tank before distributing it, a tankless water heater effectively heats water just as it is needed. This can make a positive difference in the energy costs for any West Chester home, since the hot water will not have to be heated continuously throughout the day. Essentially, you’re only paying for the hot water you actually use!

Another significant advantage of tankless water heaters for West Chester homeowners is that they never run out of hot water! Plus, with proper care and maintenance, tankless water heaters may easily live well over 20 years, compared to the normal 15-year lifespan of most tank water heaters.

Count on our tankless experts at Van Fleet Services to install a durable and easy-to-use tankless water heater for your West Chester home! Call (267) 300-4526 today to schedule an appointment!

Tankless Water Heaters in West Chester, PA

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