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Water Heater Repair

As with everything, nothing lasts forever. Hot water heaters are known for a long lifespan and needing relatively low maintenance, but when they go bad and you aren’t getting your hot shower in the morning, it becomes a necessity to have it fixed quickly!

At Van Fleet Services, we are here to make sure that your hot water heater is back up and running as soon as possible.

While we can respond quickly due to our 24×7 service, ideally you are able to see the signs of a hot water heater that is needing repair before it breaks when you need it most. Here are some things to look for that may indicate an issue with your hot water heater.

Lack of Hot Water / Low Temperature

Do you find yourself running out of hot water more quickly than normal? Sediment buildup due to minerals in your water can slowly reduce the efficiency of your conventional hot water heater.

Additionally, the hot water may not be hot enough. This may indicate an issue with the thermostat or the heating element. A water heater should ideally be set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leaking Water

Water outside the tank (which is supposed to keep water inside!) is a sure sign a repair is needed. Depending on where the water is coming from your tank and where it is pooling can give an idea of what issue you might be dealing with. The tank itself may be fracturing after years of use. The pressure valve may be faulty. Or, loose connections into the tank itself may be causing the issue.

Whatever the issue might be, do not ignore it. A small leak can quickly turn into a big one and 50 or 80 gallons of water running out of your tank will cause considerable damage to your residence. Van Fleet Services can help you diagnose the issue and make a recommendation for repair or replacement.


Ideally, you never hear your water heater. But, if you hear noises coming from your water heater, it can indicate sediment buildup which means the hot water heater is no longer running as efficient as it could.

We recommend having your tank flushed once a year to prevent sediment build-up and keep your water heater running efficiently.

Rust, Inside or Outside

Rust on your water heater is a sign that a leak may be happening very soon. If you see rust on the outside of your tank, it’s most likely a sign that you will be seeing a leak soon. There is no long-term fix to a rusty tank and, ultimately, you may find that you need to replace your water heater.

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