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Water Heater Installation

Water heaters are essential to a comfortable lifestyle – there is nothing better than a hot shower on a winter morning!

There are many options when you are choosing a hot water heater and Van Fleet Services is here to give you guidance as you shop for the best choice for your home. Here are some considerations when shopping for a hot water heater.

Types of Hot Water Heater

While many people are familiar with the traditional tank water heater, you may also have the option of a tankless water heater depending on fuel type and the number of people who will be using the system. Ask us about this as an option as there are many advantages to a tankless water heater.


Water heaters need to be appropriately sized for the use that they will be getting. The more people that could be using the hot water heater in a home, the bigger the hot water heater needs to be. This ensures that the last person through the shower doesn’t get cold water!

As a starting point, a 50-gallon tank for a traditional hot water heater will work for the typical family of four. A tankless will need to be able to deliver 7 gallons of hot water per minute for the same typical family.

Type of Fuel

In order to heat up, hot water heaters must be connected to a fuel source, the two most common of which are either gas-powered (flame) or electric (via an electric coil). Each option has trade-offs. And, of course, you may be limited to one or the other depending on your home’s setup and the location of the hot water heater.

Cost to Run

Hot water heaters have an on-going cost in the form of how much they cost to run each year. Depending on your fuel-source (gas tends to be cheaper than electric), the efficiency of the hot water heater, and what type of hot water heater (tankless tends to be cheaper to run), you can ask Van Fleet Services about expected yearly costs.

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