Garbage Disposal Backing Up Into Sink

Garage disposal backing up into sink? This problem can stem from a number of different causes, but everyone can agree it’s an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. A garbage disposal backup can create unwanted drainage issues, leave lingering smells and can even cause flooding or bursted pipes. If you have an issue with a backed up garbage disposal, there are various solutions to fix the problem from the experts at Van Fleet Services.

Why is my Garbage Disposal Backing Up Into Sink?

There are a number of things that could prevent your sink and garbage disposal from draining properly. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to understand what may be causing the issue.

Things that may be causing a backup include the lack of flushing water, which overtime can create a buildup preventing the flow of water, leading to a clog. Also the grinding of certain items, such as coffee grounds, egg shells and food peels, can leave behind thick pastes that will inevitably clog the drain.  Plus, any kind of foreign objects, like silverware or kitchen fabrics, are a sure-fire way to create backups. Lastly, any kind of fats, oils or grease can leave behind a waxy substance, inhibiting proper drainage.

DIY Tips to fix a Backed Up Garbage Disposal

  • The first thing you want to do when beginning to work on your problem is to turn off and unplug the garbage disposal. This will ensure you can safely maneuver about, without having to worry about the possibility of hurting or injuring yourself.
  •  After that is complete, you should inspect the garbage disposal for any obvious signs of blockage, and remove what you can, to see if that easily fixes the drainage or backup problem.
  • If the disposal seems clear, you might need to use a natural cleaner to get rid of the blockage. Create a mixture of ¼ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar, pour it down the drain, and let it sit for about a half hour. After it has settled, pour hot water down the drain to see if that has solved the problem.
  • If you are still having issues, try plunging the drain. Make sure to close off the dishwasher connection if you have one, to prevent any backflow into the dishwasher. Then fill your sink with hot water, so that the water level sits above the lip of the plunger. Then center the plunger directly over the drain, and plunge until the water begins to flow. If this proves to be the solution, don’t forget to rinse with hot water afterwards, to get rid of any residue.
  • If the problem remains, try manually turning the disposal blades. Using a tool, carefully turn the blades of the garbage disposal to break them loose from any kind of clog.
  • If all else fails, remove the P-Trap and clean it manually. This will be the pipe under the sink with a P or S shape, and can easily become backed up due to its configuration. Place a catch bucket under the drain, and use pliers to loosen and take apart the pipe, allow the water to drain, and clean the pipe of any debris. This can be easily done with a pipe cleaner or coat hanger if needed.

If the Problem Persists, it may be Time to call a Plumber

Sometimes, even after all your efforts to fix your garbage disposal backing up into sink, the help of an experienced professional may be your only option. We at Van Fleet Services have trained, qualified professionals that will help you with any drainage issues and will ensure the fixing of your disposal problems. If you are experiencing a backed up garbage disposal, get in touch with us today to have an expert come and provide a solution.